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Physics of Ice Hockey

Newton's Laws of Motion

The player in the blue didn't get enough force on the puck, so it didn't go far.

Work is when a force is exerted on an object and the object moves as the result of the force in the same direction. Work can be found by multiplying force times the distance. Work is done in hockey when a player shoots or passes the puck. A force is exerted on the puck from the stick and the puck moves in the same direction as a result of the force. Work also is done is hockey when one player hits another. The player who was hit would move in another direction, and forced away from the puck. Work is also done while skating. When a player skates on the ice, they push off the ice, and exert a force on the ice. The ice pushes a force back on the skates, and the player moves in whatever direction the skates are facing.