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Physics of Ice Hockey

Newton's Laws of Motion

These two players need to be faster than the other to reach the puck first.

Speed is the distance which an object travels in a unit of time. To find speed you must divide the distance traveled by the time taken. Speed is present a lot in hockey. A player needs a lot of speed in hockey in order to get to the puck before the opponents, for a breakaway, or an icing call. The fastest players in the NHL can skate over 45 miles per hour. Speed in hockey doesn't only have to deal with the players. It has to deal with the puck too. The more force used to hit a puck, the faster it goes, therefore the harder it is to see for a goalie. The best players can shoot a puck that can reach a speed over 105 miles per hour. When a puck is shot from the blue line, it has the potential of reaching the goalie in 0.34 seconds.