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Physics of Ice Hockey

Newton's Laws of Motion

This player obviously did not get enough force on the puck.

In science, a force is a push or a pull. Force is equal to the mass times the acceleration. This concept occurs in hockey when a player hits the puck with their stick. When a player hits the puck with a little bit of force the puck does not move very far, and doesn't go very fast either. However, if the puck is hit with a greater amount of force, then the puck will move a farther distance at a faster rate. This is the exact same way with the players. When one player hits another with a small amount of force, it wouldn't do much damage. If a player is hit with a large amount of force, the player could get seriously injured. When a player shoots the puck, the goalie can catch the puck or block it using his or her pads. When the puck hits the goalie's pads, it bounces off because the pads exert a force on the puck.

This shows a player putting a lot of force to check a guy into the boards.